NEW: MATOS PLUS RFID Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

MATOS PLUS RFID Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

Aug 10, 2020

To be able to have full visibility while maintaining the highest quality of Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring practices 24/7 from anywhere in the world – this was our vision.


Rollex Medical’s unique RFID Refrigerators offer a state of the art inventory management system, which automatically detects which products have been placed within the fridge, providing live inventory readings via the MATOS monitoring database.


Our RFID Refrigerators are capable of a 99% read success rate of tags affixed to any medication/vaccine packaging and even a glass or plastic filled vial.


So what does RFID technology mean for you as a Pharmaceutical Company, Hospital, Laboratory, Pharmacy?

1. Patient safety

We envision input & logging via manufacturer at the time of manufacturing, resulting in lifelong data for all drugs. This allows tracking of specific drugs from the manufacturing process right up to the administration of the drug.


2. Significant cost savings


Our RFID technology automatically detects when stock is running low or approaching expiry. This allows precise management of high value stocks resulting in reduced wastage and cost savings. Human time is also a major cost saver with manual stocktakes now a thing of the past!


3. All RFID refrigerators feature MATOS Cloud Monitoring functions

Our MATOS cloud range is at the forefront of monitoring technology, providing emergency systems and alerts, along with full temperature and performance records. You can read more about our MATOS PLUS Cloud Refrigerators here.


4. Easy access to data

Our RFID range is entirely integrated with our online Cloud system via the MATOS Monitoring Platform

  • Live Dashboard Interface available on any web capable device
  • Allows monitoring of stock rotation
  • Forecasting and alerts when stock is running low and about to expire
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Automatic Inventory Reporting
  • Guarantees data retention for 15 years

You can read more about our user friendly, high performance MATOS Monitoring platform here. 


5. Accuracy

In order to guarantee the very highest level of accuracy, our RFID refrigerators feature the following safeguards

  • 24/7 stock monitoring - scans every minute and every time the fridge door is closed
  • Three RFID antennas in total, resulting in very high read resolution and accuracy (99%)
  • Error identification
  • Recognises when two identical tags are placed inside
  • Recognises when tags disappear and reappear without the door opening


6. Prevention of counterfeiting risk

Ensure stock is legitimate and untampered from the point of manufacture



Our RFID Research and Development has been in progress for 2+ years to ensure we deliver a product to the Medical Industry that has been robustly tested to ensure we have a solution that meets the highest international standards.  


Our MATOS PLUS RFID Refrigerators are now available to be purchased commercially!!

The RFID Refrigerators allow our clients to have the utmost confidence that you are providing the highest possible level of patient and product safety within the present global environment.


Now more than ever, the global pandemic means vaccine, blood and drug safety is essential. Rollex Medical is dedicated to providing the best possible medical and pharmaceutical refrigeration solutions available.


To inquire further about our RFID technology, or any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us via phoning 1300 880 441 or emailing


You can also read more about our RFID technology here



 Author: Rene Ryall