Mother's Milk

Rollex Medical are proud to offer our MATOS PLUS Refrigerator range for the storage of Mother's Milk. 

When a Refrigerator is used for Milk (Or “bulk” liquid) storage, we recommend the use of our MATOS PLUS Refrigerator range due to the added benefits of a Hot Gas Defrost and Tropical rated compressor as standard features across this range. 


When dealing with larger amounts of liquids, or product stored in glass bottles, the Refrigerator generally works a lot harder, especially with keeping the extremely narrow temperature range of 2-4 degrees required for storage of Mother's Milk. 


Gas defrost will combat the ice build-up faster without affecting the internal chamber temperature adversely. A standard defrost would exceed the 2-4 degree range every time.


The Tropical rating improves the cooling performance of the fridge by increasing the working surface area on the Condenser by either utilizing more turns or a double condenser setup. This has a larger compressor and external fans as standard as well. This allows the fridge to deal with fresh product and open door recoveries without affecting the overall stability. For example a non-tropical fridge would struggle to cool new product after an extended door opening and the end result will be a flat temperature curve until the warm product cools down enough. We also see similar behaviour when there is liquid inside the fridge changing state (i.e. water freezing).


Check out our extensive range of Mother's Milk Refrigerators below and do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 1300 880 441 if you have any questions.