Monitoring Solutions

Protect your valuable products and ensure you’ll meet all your cold chain requirements with our temperature monitoring solutions.


We are the exclusive distributor of the MATOS® Monitoring Technology, which provides 24/7 temperature monitoring along SMS and Email alerts, Automatic Reports, full access to our MATOS® Monitoring website and a secure Azure Server to ensure your data is safe and secure. 

Alerts can be raised for: 

  • - Equipment temperature breaches
  • - Door open
  • - Power loss
  • - Ambient room temperatures

Giving you time to respond before your medical supplies and materials are damaged.


To see how it works, check out our monitoring demonstration site:


The MATOS® Monitoring Technology is also available built into one of our MATOS® PLUS Medical  Refrigerators and MATOS® PLUS Freezers. Alternatively, it can be retrofitted to any refrigerator, freezer, airspace or cool room.


Browse our product range or contact us to discuss the best option for you.