MATOS® Monitoring Retrofit Solutions

Upgrade your existing refrigerator, freezer, cool room or airspace by retrofitting our MWM Kit or MATOS® M-310-I monitoring solution to get all the great benefits of the MATOS® Monitoring system. 


Our latest technology allows you as the end user to access all the fantastic features of the MATOS® Monitoring system without the need for any hardwired probes.

Up to 40 Wireless Sensors can be connected to a SINGLE Ethernet Base Station Receiver Unit!*

*Effective radio communication distance is 20m line of sight.



Developed and built in New Zealand, the M-310-I is a robust, secure monitoring unit that is Wi-Fi and cellular compatible. Ideal for any monitoring environment.


Ultra Cold Temperature Monitoring Solutions - X-410-I

Our MATOS Monitoring system has been successfully utilised across a number of Clinicial Trials and Universities where Ultra Cold Temperatures are required to be monitored in real time. 

With our X-410-I Web Relay and specialised Ultra Cold Temperature Sensors we are able to offer all the fantastic benefits of the MATOS System to this market allowing them and their sponsors confidence in a robust real time Temperature monitoring solution which is proven in the market. 


To see how it works, check out our monitoring demonstration site:

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