Why Choose Rollex Medical?

  • Rollex Medical are a preferred supplier in both sales and service of purpose built medical Refrigerators by many government and private health providers as well as regulatory bodies.
  • We are proud to have a reputation in the industry as being the medical refrigeration experts and that’s because Medical Refrigeration is what we specialise in.
  • Rollex Medical is committed to helping you achieve and maintain the high standards of keeping your refrigerated medical products in accordance with the cold chain protocols.
  • To support this we offer: 
  • -       After-sales service and support

-       Life-long free telephone support

-       Established and reliable brands

-       Leading edge technology

-       Innovative products

  • -       Network of agents in across the main Australasian centres
  • -       3 year warranty on products (*conditions apply, see below)
  • -       Our attitude is "No project is too large or too small"
  • -       Wide range of products to suit the medical and laboratory industries

Extended Warranty

Rollex Medical offer a 3 Year Extended Warranty on our range of Refrigerators and Freezers if you sign up for our Preventative Maintenance Programme.

The Preventative Maintenance Programme also entitles you to FREE telephone support for any adjustments to the refrigerator/freezer that may be required from time to time.


Your Extended Warranty is valid for three years from the date of purchase covering all Parts and Labour providing that:

  • -       Preventative Maintenance is carried out annually during the warranty period
  • -       An approved Power Surge Protector or Uninterrupted Power Supply is fitted to protect the unit (please ensure you speak to our team if you want to check if the item is approved for              use with our units). 
  • -       A completed Warranty Application is filled out and returned to Rollex Medical Australia. 

If the conditions above are not carried out, then the standard warranty of 12 months from date of purchase applies.



Rollex Medical’s objective is to provide a fully integrated service dedicated to maximising the “up‑time” of the equipment on site and as part of the Annual Preventative Maintenance Service, Rollex Medical test the accuracy of the probe.


What is involved in the Annual Preventative Maintenance Service:

  1. The Annual Preventative Maintenance Service will be performed within a month either side of the original Sign-up date. In some cases this date may be aligned to other equipment that you may already have, or other equipment within a close proximity of your premises. This is to make these visits as efficient and less disruptive as possible to all concerned. Where we do align the anniversary date with other equipment, a pro-rata invoice will be produced at the time of the first service. Thereafter the service will be for the full annual fee.


  1. A PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE SERVICE includes a 22 point check of your medical refrigerator and an Actual onsite temperature test which provides significant information regarding the day to day function of the appliance.

       The following items are covered in the service:

  1. Clear behind & around unit.
  2. Check Surge protection.
  3. Power cable (Test & Tag).
  4. Inspect piping for damage/leakage.
  5. Inspect for leakage & drains are clear.
  6. Monitor condenser operation.
  7. Inspect internal fan & airflow.
  8. Test compressor cycle.
  9. Check there is no obstruction to probe.
  10. Inspect evaporator for icing.
  11.  Products are clear from evaporator plate.
  12. Perform on site live temperature test.
  13. Check that staff conversant with unit operation
  14. Inspect for adequate clearance in & around fridge area.
  15. Inspect door hinge/gasket & lock operations.
  16. Record Last Accreditation Date.
  17. Are daily records are kept.
  18. Staff in charge of vaccine fridge.
  19. Check refrigerator capacity is adequate.
  20. Calibrate parameters & settings.
  21. Overall condition report.
  22. Affix certificate to refrigerator.


  1. A report on the above findings will be left, and signed off by an authorised representative of your company. This report will show any irregularities, that have already been resolved by the Technician, or that need to be addressed either immediately or in the future. Any further work required is treated as an Unscheduled Repair, and will be scheduled and billed accordingly once we have your approval to proceed.