Hospitals store hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars’ worth of medical supplies, including drugs, vaccines and blood.

Many of which must be stored at specific temperatures to ensure they will work as intended when they’re needed.


Our medical refrigerators, freezers and monitoring solutions have been developed by us to keep your expensive and vital medical supplies safe.

The range of medical refrigerators and freezers feature a lockable chamber, LCD controllers, and minimum/maximum temperature recording, along with the ability to connect the unit to any in-house Building Management System.

They come in a range of sizes from 68L to 1460L, and the option of a glass or solid door unit.  


We also provide monitoring solutions which give you 24/7 real time temperature monitoring, automatic reporting, and SMS/Email alerts.

Our very own patented MATOS® Monitoring solutions can be retrofitted to any non-Rollex unit if required. When a unit is replaced at the end of life, you can then seamlessly upgrade to a MATOS® PLUS Cloud model which has the same advanced monitoring technology in-built into the unit, offering you a one stop solution for all your medical and monitoring needs.



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