COVID Vaccine Storage Solutions

A Covid-19 Vaccine – How are you going to store your Vaccines and ensure robust Cold Chain?

Pharmaceutical Companies around the world are in the final stages of the Clinical Trials for a range of Covid-19 Vaccines but there are some serious questions which we and our Governments need to ask ourselves – do we have the capability to store what will be the most valuable item on the planet?


Cold Chain requirements usually require a vaccine to be stored in a +2°C to +8°C Vaccine Grade Refrigerator yet there are reports out that the Pfizer vaccine will require their Covid vaccine to be stored in an Ultra Cold Freezer with a temperature of -70°C and the Moderna vaccine will require storage in a Freezer with a temperature of -20°C. 


A storage requirement of -70°C is not something most countries have established nor have available in large quantities so to help our local Hospitals, Governments and Clients please see below a detailed outline of the products Rollex Medical is able to assist you with to ensure YOU ARE READY for the Covid-19 Vaccine!

Ultra-Cold Freezers:

Rollex Medical offer our clients a range of Freezers along with Ultra Cold Freezers in capacities from a 15L to 800L.

Manufactured in Europe (Poland and Denmark), our range of Freezers feature the highest spec controllers, compressors and ensure optimal cooling in our tropical environment. 

The Ultra Cold Freezers meet all required storage needs for the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine. 


Following storage in a Ultra Cold Freezer the vaccine is then required to move into a Refrigerator which needs to occur before vaccinating our communities - this is where our Vaccine Refrigerators come into the picture. 


Vaccine Grade Refrigerators:

Purchasing a Vaccine Refrigerator from Rollex Medical you know you are purchasing quality with the backing of an exclusive endorsement from the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. 

We have wide range of Refrigerators available with capacities ranging from a Benchtop 68L to a Double Door 1460L models - Rollex Medical has a Vaccine Refrigerator available for any storage requirement. Check out the full range of models here.


The Covid vaccine is going to be one of the most valuable items on the planet once available so how do you or the local Ministry of Health keep track of where the stock is located across the country, protect against loss of stock, counterfeiting and Theft!?


This is where our latest range of RFID Refrigerators are here to help!

With an RFID Refrigerator you have Inventory visibility 24/7! 

This means you are able to see at any time, has stock expired or due to expire, who has taken stock out of the fridge and reports for when stock needs to be ordered so you have a fully automated Inventory Management system in-built into your Refrigerator. 


Say you are running low on stock and delivery is not due till tomorrow – what do you do?

The MATOS RFID Technology, allows our clients the ability to view across their entire organisation where stock is located and in what fridge. 

Therefore allowing our clients to be able to access more vaccines in short notice and mean they can continue vaccinating our communities.  


The RFID Refrigerators also feature our robust independent MATOS Temperature Monitoring solution. Offering real time alerting for breaches which need attention, automatic cold chain reports emailed directly to your inbox and all data stored on our Azure Cloud Server with no Software needed.



Check out our RFID Refrigerator Brochure here!

As you can see the MATOS RFID Refrigerators offer a fully automated solution for the Medical Industry’s Cold Chain Standards to ensure all vaccines are held to the required temperature, stock is utilised without wastage, theft is significantly reduced and as a result we save our clients TIME, MONEY AND ultimately LIVES.


Talk to the Rollex Medical team today as we have a range of solutions available to help you with the distribution of the Covid Vaccine.