Clinical research laboratories often have strict requirements due to the nature of the products being stored and/or the costs involved when completing a clinical trial.

Therefore, you need a high specification refrigerator or freezer to maintain the integrity of your research. 


We are proud to introduce the MATOS® PLUS range of refrigerators and freezers which have been specifically designed for clinical trials. 

Featuring an aluminum interior for refrigerators or stainless steel interior for freezers, they also include easy to navigate controllers, adjustable shelving, lockable chambers, and spark free options for freezers. 

Also available is our MATOS® Monitoring solution, which can monitor not only your refrigerator or freezer but also support additional monitoring sensors. If you wish to monitor an entire cool room or ambient temperature alongside your fridge, we can help! 


With the MATOS® Monitoring technology inside, you and your sponsors will have the reassurance that your temperatures are stable, and you’ll have a full auditable record available should a suspected temperature breach occur. MATOS® Monitoring's patented override system will also protect against temperature breaches in the rare case of a control system failure.

Overall, giving you complete confidence in your results. 


Browse our product range or contact us to discuss the best option for your clinical trials.