Monitoring Solutions – Cloud Refrigerators

The complete storage and monitoring solution to protect your temperature sensitive medical products. All Models are QCPP Approved! 

The MATOS® PLUS and ARIA Cloud product ranges are  our premium range of medical refrigerators and freezers with the addition of our data acquisition & transfer module and fridge rescue system.

Built-In Monitoring

Continuous 24/7 temperature monitoring with email and optional SMS alerts gives you a robust and complete monitoring record of your product, even with loss of power.

Thermostat Override

The patented control system ensures that in the event of a component failure, our fridge rescue system steps in and will keep the fridge within the optimum temperature range, preventing loss of product.

Battery Backup

Our MATOS PLUS Cloud Medical Refrigerator and Freezer range include a smart, compact UPS built into the fridge so temperature monitoring will continue during a power failure, making sure you have an uninterrupted temperature log. The backup time is up to 36 hours and automatic battery maintenance and smart-charging cycle ensures maximum battery life.

To see how it works, check out our monitoring demonstration site:

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