NEW MATOS Monitoring Website LAUNCH

NEW MATOS Monitoring Website LAUNCH

Dec 10, 2019

The Rollex team is excited to announce our newly designed MATOS Monitoring Website, which will be launching in January 2020 and available to all our users across the Globe. 


The MATOS Monitoring platform provides users with real time 24/7 monitoring, an entire audit history for each asset’s entire temperature data, and automatic SMS/Email alerts. 

Now we are very proud to provide our users with an updated sleek and user-friendly interface! 


The new MATOS Monitoring website allows users to monitor a large number of assets at a glance with our new modern and interactable Dashboard!

Our new Dashboard provides each user live monitoring of critical assets, along with simple alerts displaying assets in danger and offline assets so you can quickly see which assets need attention.


The Dashboard also includes a new interactable graphing tool providing a clear and uncomplicated overview of each selected asset’s monitoring history.

Users can view an assets temperature at any given time, see whether the door was open or closed, and view the status of the asset’s back up battery at just a quick glimpse.


The new MATOS Monitoring Site will be rolled out to all our users in January 2020, providing MATOS Monitoring customers with a modern and powerful tool to allow them to monitor anywhere between one and hundreds of assets in an instant.


Check out our Demo Website by visiting: - You can login to the website and check out our system for yourself. 


If you would like more information or a formal quotation for a monitoring solution please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 1300 880 441 or by emailing    


 Author: Rene Ryall