MATOS RFID Refrigerators - Automation and Real Time Inventory Management is HERE!

MATOS RFID Refrigerators - Automation and Real Time Inventory Management is HERE!

Nov 10, 2020

Rollex Medical are the market experts when it comes to Phamacy / Vaccine Refrigerators and Temperature Monitoring Solutions for our clients across the country so we know how much work and effort our clients put in to ensure the Cold Chain Standards are maintained for the highly valuable vaccines and drugs in each and every Refrigerator.

The value of the Inventory is not only valuable in dollar terms but are critical for each and every human so ensuring all cold chain requirements are being met is extremely important for every single one of us!



As we all know the Medical Industry are seeing a continued increase in demand for vaccines / drugs and with this comes stricter compliance which takes up more of our valuable Medical Industry staff's time.

Rollex Medical could see there had to be a better way so our inhouse team of experts went about to create the first of its kind - a RFID Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with our MATOS Override feature!


RFID Technology has developed significantly over the last few years with it becoming a solution used by a large number of Industries including the Medical Industry when it comes to tracking large assets in a Hospital for example, however what about the most valuable stock that sits in our Pharmacy / Vaccine Refrigerators?



The MATOS RFID Fridge provides our clients with full visibility of all their Inventory inside the Refrigerator which in turn offers the client substantial savings over time due to less stock wasted/disposed, saving time for the staff using the refrigerator as they do not need to do manual stock takes + no need to download a manual datalogger and protection from theft – these are just a few examples of the benefits our new Refrigerators offer to the end user.


Our RFID Refrigerators have been designed to ensure we are able to offer our clients full automation when it comes to their Inventory Management along with Temperature Monitoring to ensure they have an efficient and robust Cold Chain procedure in place. The RFID fridge provides real time reporting and alerting features for every single product that enters the Refrigerator using our very successful MATOS Monitoring platform which is utilised already worldwide.


Using RFID tags to monitor inventory provides our clients with the ability to be able to see the full history of each individual Vaccine / Drug that enters the Refrigerator right down to when it was produced and by whom. 


Visibility to be able to view your Inventory 24/7 stock in any MATOS RFID Refrigerator means stock wastage is greatly reduced, rotation of stock is handled correct, Stock orders only placed when required, recalls are easily managed, theft risk is significantly reduced and real time alerts can be addressed immediately so optimal temperatures are always maintained. 


 Visibility and Savings are KEY - make sure you contact the Rollex Medical Team today to learn more about how our RFID Refrigerators can assist you.