SC-DF25 Portable Deep Freezer 25L
SC-DF25 Portable Deep Freezer 25L
SC-DF25 Portable Deep Freezer 25L
SC-DF25 Portable Deep Freezer 25L

SC-DF25 Portable Deep Freezer 25L

The Twinbird SC-DF25 Portable Freezer has a small and efficient Free Piston Stirling Cooling System on board which is protected in a lightweight and robust body. 

It can be plugged into a standard household electrical outlet or connect to a 12V DC car battery - enhancing the units mobility. 

In addition to desktop and rack mountable uses in laboratories, SC-DF25 can be used for cold chain transportation of temperature sensitive materials between logistic centers and end-users. 


Core Technologies from Twinbird 


1. Efficient, Durable, and Environmentally Friendly "Free Piston Stirling Cooling System" 

The proven Free Piston Stirling Cooling System developed by Twinbird is the heart of our products. Two free moving, linear motor driven pistons create non-cycling, quiet and efficient cooling with highly precise temperature control. The solid and oil-free construction makes the unit extremley durable and capable of cooling to -40 degrees. The system uses helium as the refrigeant and is environmentally friendly with a low carbon footprint and zero ozone depletion potential; thus contributing to the environmental management needs of your company. 


2. Thermo Siphone Energy Transfer Technology 

The Thermo Siphon Evaporator, which transfers energy from the cooling system to the container, is a stable of the art system that has been proven highly effective in aerospace, energy and military applications. Unlike conventional refrigeration methods, which can experience large temperature fluctuations , the Thermo Siphon Evaporator offers rapid, continuous and uniform cooling. The simple construction contains no moving parts ensuring a rugged, robust container with uniform temperature distribution. 


3. High Performance Vacuum Insulation Panels

The vacuum insulation panels, which are normally exclusive to high cost freezers, are installed in four sides of the container, allowing for enhanced cooling performance in a compact, portable body. 

Dimensions (outside) WDH: 695 x 350 x 460 (mm)
Dimensions (inside) WDH: 335 x 225 x 340 (mm), 25 liters
Weight 15.5 kg
Power source voltage DC 12 Volts
Power consumption 48 VA
Setting Temperature 1 ° C increments, +10 ° C to-40 ° C (ambient temp: 25 ° C) (Note that it is does not operate properly when the ambient temperature is lower than set temp.)
Noise 55 dB (A) (Horizontally 1 m from Cooler, after stable operation)
Include SC-AD70 AC Adapter
Cigarette Plug Cable (3m, DC12 Volts)