Announcing our new MATOS® Wireless Monitoring (MWM) Kit (1)

Announcing our new MATOS® Wireless Monitoring (MWM) Kit

Oct 21, 2019

Our latest technology allows you as the end user to access all the fantastic features of the MATOS® Monitoring system without the need for any hardwired probes.

Please note this solution can be retrofitted to any Refrigerator (any brand), Freezer, Cool-Room or Airspace in seconds!!


So how does it work?

Simply place the sensor tile anywhere inside your Refrigerator where you wish to monitor the temperature.

The Sensor will then transmit the temperature data to the Base Station wirelessly.

The Base Station is connected to the Internet using an Ethernet cable and will pick up all transmitted data from the tile and upload it to our MATOS® Monitoring Azure Server.

You then have access to your full temperature records online, automatic reporting and SMS/Email alerts using our MATOS® Monitoring technology.



Please find a link below to the brochure for the MWM Kit which provides further details on this fantastic new datalogging solution.

MATOS® Wireless Monitoring (MWM) Kit


The MWM Kit is available to purchase at an exclusively special price of $285.00 + GST + Freight per kit as an introductory offer.

A small annual ongoing / support fee will be applicable which includes support from our inhouse technicians via phone and email.

Using our in house designed MATOS® Monitoring technology you have the confidence in the support offered as Rollex Medical technicians are able to understand and interpret the readings recorded using the MWM Kit and how Medical / Pharmacy Refrigerators operate.


If you would like more information or a formal quotation please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 1300 880 441 or by emailing