X-400 12V Version

X-400 12V Version

The X-400™ is a fully-featured, Ethernet I/O controller. Add up to 32 expansion modules and/or remote I/O devices for remote monitoring and control for up to 100 I/O.

Create custom logic with no scripting necessary using the X-400's intuitive Task Builder. Monitor and log sensors and control relays using the X-400's built-in web interface.

It can be controlled and/or monitored over any TCP/IP network including private networks, IP-based industrial control networks, and the Internet.

For information on the available expansion modules, please see the Manufacturer's Product Listing.


Monitor up to 16 Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Ranges: -67°F to 257°F (-55°C to +125°C)

The X-400 features a 1-Wire Bus for connect up to 16 temperature/humidity sensors


Expansion Bus

Add I/O expansion modules to the X-400 for an I/O solution that is tailored to your specific application.

The possibilities are endless!


Peer-to-Peer Communication (P2P)

The X-400 supports peer-to-peer communication between ControlByWeb devices. The X-400 can communicate with all expansion modules and other ControlByWeb devices but offers instantaneous messaging between X-400 Series products. This means that the X-400 controller can monitor and control I/O on other X-400 Series products as if it was directly connected to the controller!


Task Builder

The X-400's built-in interface allows you to create custom "Tasks" for simple and advanced control logic.

Easily create tasks based on inputs or outputs’ status. Create up to three actions for each task providing you with the ultimate control and monitoring solution for your application!

Create up to 50 Scheduled Tasks, 50 Conditional Tasks, 20 Automatic Reboot Tasks, and 20 Override Schedules.

The X-400 also has a built-in BASIC interpreter for more advanced or custom applications.



The X-400 offers the ability to log a variety of data points such as local and remote I/O, registers, and voltage. Log entries can be made at preset intervals, scheduled times, triggered by I/O changes or logic events.

Schedule a daily log file to be sent via email or uploaded via FTP server.



Graph the current log file and view the I/O's status over time.



The X-400 supports HTTPS connections, can send encrypted emails, can communicate with remote devices using TLS.


Other Advanced Features

The X-400 has more advanced features such as the ability to initiate a connection to remote servers, BASIC programming, admin/manager/user permissions, etc.


- Expansion Bus - Control, monitor, and log 32 expansion and/or remote modules, or up to 100 I/O

- Secure Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Communication

- 1-Wire Bus: Monitor up to 16 temp/humidity sensors: -67°F to 257°F (-55°C to +125°C)

- Secure, built-in web server for configuration and remote monitoring

- User Permissions: Admin, Manager, User

- Task Builder

50 Scheduled Tasks

50 Conditional Tasks

20 Reboot Tasks

20 Override Schedules

- Send email alerts based on user-defined conditions (supports encrypted email servers, such as Gmail)

- Real-Time Clock with NTP server synchronization

- Automatic daylight savings and leap year adjustment

- Highly configurable - Almost any combination of input/relay control possible

- No software required

- Customizable, web-based Control Page

- BASIC script support for advanced flexibility

- Data Logging

- Graphing (logged data)

- HTTPS/TLS encrypted

- Static or DHCP IP address configuration

- Modbus, SNMP, Remote Service, IP Filtering

- Field updatable

- Removable 14-Terminal connector for easy installation

- Rugged DIN-Rail/wall-mountable enclosure