SPECIAL - Angelantoni BBR 1500/12
SPECIAL - Angelantoni BBR 1500/12

SPECIAL - Angelantoni BBR 1500/12


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Structure: Zinc plated steel to ensure durability. Internal chamber of MINI models in zinc plated steel painted in white, BBR models in stainless steel AISI 304 with rounded corners for easy cleaning. MINI models are equipped with adjustable feet for proper positioning. BBR models are provided with castors for easy moving and adjustable feet for positioning.

Door: Triple vacuum-sealed glass with special anodized aluminum profiles and anti-moisture electric resistors to guarantee the best performances and avoid frost formation. Key lock to preclude access to unauthorized personnel.

Port hole: Diameter 23 mm, with rubber cap for the insertion of additional probes.

Intenal Lamp: Door open courtesy light. Insulation /Injected CFC-free foamed polyurethane. Thickness - MINI: mm 50; BBR: mm 75.

Drawers: In stainless steel, sliding on plastic wheels. Front screen in transparent PVC to offer an immediate view of the content and inhibit warm air entering while the door is opened. Each drawer can be equipped with suitable partition screen (optional) in transparent PVC to simplify bags positioning and label reading during release.

Temperature chart recorder: Battery operated, weekly diagrams, key lock, adjustable pen. Temperature range: from +30°C to -30°C.

Adjustment and control system: Microprocessor controller E2003, with two independent sections, the first one to set and control temperature, the second one to manage the alarm system and display temperature. Rechargeable buffer battery (12 V, 2Ah) to maintain the alarm system on for 48 hours in case of power outage. Configured for a remote replication of alarms.

BBR 1500 - Technicial Specifications 

Capacity 1500L Working Temperature 4°C
Dimenstons external 1480 x 865 x 1998 Maximum absorbed current (A)  5,5
Door Glass Cooling Gas R134A