Mothers Milk - Freezers


Solid Door

Temperature: -18°C to -20°C
Capacity: 50 litre


Solid Door

Temperature: -18°C to -20°C
Capacity: 102 litre


Solid Door

Temperature: -18°C to -20°C
Capacity: 151 litre

Angelantoni Mother Milk Freezer 1500

Temperature: -10°C to -20°C
Capacity: 1500 litre

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Our Mother’s Milk refrigerators and freezers are designed specifically for hospital ward use and offer the safe and reliable storage of fresh milk for infants. With hygiene of extreme importance, all of our Mother’s Milk refrigerators conform to the requirements of food hygiene regulations by maintaining an internal temperature of between +1°C and +5°C. Forced air cooling provides optimum temperature stability and rapid temperature recovery after door openings. Fully automatic defrosting takes away the need for manual involvement. An easy to use external control panel and digital temperature display ensures continuous monitoring without having to open the door. All of the Mother’s Milk refrigerators are fully lockable and two keys are provided, preventing unauthorised access at all times. Low energy consumption and being CFC free makes all Rollex Medical refrigerators kinder to the environment.

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