Blood - Fridges

Angelantoni Haemosafe

Automatic Blood Bank Refrigerator

Temperature: +4°C
Capacity: 120 to 150 units

Twinbird Fridge SC-BV25

Solid Door

Temperature: +4°C
Capacity: 25 litre
Power Consumption: 48W

Angelantoni BBR700

Glass Door

Temperature: +4°C
Capacity: 700 litre

Angelantoni BBR850

Glass Door

Temperature: +4°C
Capacity: 850 litre

Angelantoni BBR1500

Glass Door

Temperature: +4°C
Capacity: 1500 litre

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Our range of blood and plasma storage refrigerators and freezers offer a safe and reliable environment for the storage of blood and blood products. Prices vary according to options required so please contact us for a detailed quote to suit your needs. Type of options available include: Auxiliary (or back-up) cooling systems, ‘BioGuard’ swipe card access control, extra shelving/drawers, organisational trays/boxes for refrigerated products, water cooled condenser units and much more. Be sure to check out our state of the art temperature monitoring systems and UPS (Uninterruptible power supplies) systems available for these refrigerators.

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