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Angelantoni Prefab Mortuary 6 Berth

Angelantoni Dissection Table

Angelantoni Autopsy Table

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Our Angelantoni mortuary equipment is constructed using only 18/10 AISI 304 stainless steel, with porosity free weld seals, and rounded corners for easy cleaning, disinfection and safety. The pre-fabricated mortuary chillers are designed and manufactured according to the prescribed sanitary conditions for corpse storage. Models can be supplied either for short term storage (0 degrees C operating temperature) or long term storage (-20 degrees C operating temperature) and are particularly suitable for legal medical institutes and pathology anatomy institutes. Rollex offers a range of Autopsy Tables and Oscillating saw with an integrated hermetically sealed vacuum system. Ask about Swordfish – with three-stage particle filtering down to 0.6 microns and the only electric medical cutter with a waterproof hand piece that can be immersed and sterilized without disassembly! Tables include a movable shower fixed to the central base to supply warm and cold water to the working surface, movable mixer shower mounted on the table top near the tank, table washing system by means of nozzles mounted on the circumference of the table top, and manually controlled suction system for fumes and liquids, and table air recycling. . Functioning switch located on the control panel Rollex also offer a range of mortuary/pathology stretchers and carts that are entirely constructed of 18/8 AISI 304 stainless steel with telescopic slides on stainless steel rails and rubber wheels for easy and silent manoeuvring.

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