Fridge Freezers - Freestanding


Glass or Solid Door

Temperature: 0°C to +10°C
and 0°C to -25°C
Capacity 150 litres and 85 litres


Solid Door

Temperature: +2°C to +10°C
and -18°C to -25°C
Capacity 300 litres


Glass Door

Temperature: +2°C to +10°C
and -18°C to -25°C
Capacity 300 litres

* Most popular models listed but for a full list contact Rollex Medical.

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Our medical refrigerators and freezers have been designed specifically for pharmacies, medical practices and hospitals. These purpose-built medical refrigerators offer a safe and reliable environment for the storage of vaccines, drugs and other temperature sensitive items. They are QCPP (Quality Care Pharmacy Program) compliant and the only available on the market that are endorsed by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and have been since 1997.
The neat, integral digital control panel on the outside of the fridge is easy to use and makes checking the internal temperature straightforward. All the refrigerators have fans delivering optimum temperature stability and a faster temperature recovery after door openings. Automatic defrost ensures more efficient cooling.
Also be sure to check out our advanced temperature monitoring systems and UPS (Uninterruptible power supplies) systems available for vaccine/medical refrigerators.
Most popular models only listed – for more information please contact us.

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